Silence is silver – begging can be gold.

Silence is silver – begging can be gold.

It was hard for me for a very long time. But when I saw so many people in the same situation as me, I said to my self – Why not give it a try?

There are a lot of people around the world that need to beg for money to get life saving – life changing medical care. In Sweden we have free medical care because we have already payed for it with all our taxes. We are the most taxpaying people in the world! So how come I have to beg to get medical care? I wonder that too. Why don’t patients like me, with severe neck injuries, get our surgery done in Sweden? Some of us have luck, and will get surgery for some of the type of neckinjuries, and some of us have not. Plus – the health care have generally not so good knowledge of neck damages. It just needs to get better. Doctors in Sweden are generally even not so good at making the right diagnosis of neck injuries and concussion. Furthermore the hospitals don’t have the right x-ray equipment for it. So – very much just need to change here!

Anyhow, I want everyone who is interested to know more about my injury. So you can see – this is for real! I’ll try to make it short.

2018 one of my daughters and I went to London to get an upright MRI at Medserena. In Sweden you only can get an MRI where you’re laying down. Then you won’t be able to see the damages as well as you do when your spine and discs are under pressure from different angels.

In London

Medserena has one of the best – maybe the best – x-ray equipment in Europe. Professor Francis W Smith is one of the most skille x-ray Medical Doctors in Europe. He even has a good renomé in the USA.

As you can see, I have pressure at my brainstem and my spinal cord. The pannus at the odontoid peg, might progress, (and it will if I don’t stabilize my neck vertebraes ) and cause severe disabilities and even sudden death. The discs that now invades the spinal cord , that will also get worse.

The webpage of Medserena :

Of course I have been to Barcelona for a clinical examination by Dr Vincent Gilete. I did that in November 2019. My son came with me. I’m so thankful for the help I´m getting from my children.

This is Anna-Karin. She almost died before she had the surgery. So you can’t wait so long. The nerves also can be damaged for good if you wait.I have talked to several people that has had this surgery. The all says to me: – Go and get it done as soon as possible! This is serious!

I’m going to Barcelona at the 2nd of March. Then I can rest at the 3rd after the travel. After that there will be 3 days at Teknon Hospital with different examinations and tests.

The cost for staying at the hotel nearby Teknon Hospital. Breakfast not included. My company will have to stay at the hotel during my surgery and befor they wake me up. After that we can stay at Teknon Hospital for another 10 days.

This is my bill from Chiari and Hypermobility, situated at Teknon Hospital.

And then comes the cost for staying in Barcelona for continuing controls after the surgery: From my mail from Mics Sant Jordi: ”Prices Double apartment:179€ per night // 2.629€ per month. As you can see, it is cheaper if you choose the monthly price even if your stay is not for 30 days.”

Here is my funding site:

If you live in Sweden and can use Swish – the number is 073 06 104 94

So please stay tuned, and I will continue update you on how things are going !

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